‘How to use photos, videos, colours and graphics for Social Media?’ Part 1: Photos

There is a big opportunity to use different assets like photos, videos colours or graphics to leverage Social Media effort.
This will be a longer post, so I split it in four parts: photos, videos, colours and graphics. Here is the first part:
A famous platform to upload photos is Flickr where you can create an account and upload photos. These photos can be put into sets, you can title, comment and tag them, add information like location and people in the photos , share them with friends via Twitter, Facebook etc. Every photo has a code which you can use to embed it on your Blog, website or other platforms.
Here are more ideas of how using photos on Flickr (see also B2B Voices):
Through the tags and titles the photos can be found on google or yahoo. For example if you are a company which produces products, you can put photos of your products on Flickr and title them with the name and tag them with relevant keywords. Or if you offer a Coaching service you can show pictures from your last session (if the client allows it). With the help of Google AdWords the relevant keywords can be found. You can think about words your client would search for when looking for your product or service and then use the Google Adword tool to find adequate keywords. There is also the possibility to make your photos usable by others (Creative Commons), if one is using your photos, he or she has to link back to your Flickr account or website which makes them and others more aware of you.

On your Facebook Fanpage you can create Albums and also tag people. Photos motivate your customers (fans on Facebook) to interact with you by commenting on them. For example, you can upload Photos about ‘How to…’, info graphics, Maps of for example the location of your company or your branches, Screenshots of your new website or new features, guides, charts to show some interesting statistics for example of your last survey etc. (see examples and more here).

You can also use the Facebook Fanpage to upload photos from your office, your team and your work, for example when you have a team meeting or moving into another office. But this depends on your company´s philosophy if you want to give your client this insight, but it could give them a chance to get to know you better and it can build up trust.
If you don´t want to use your Fanpage for uploading photos, you can also use Twitter. Using tools like TwitPic or yFrog you can quickly make a photo (also using your smartphone) and upload it with its link and a comment.

There are some more tips (see also David Hartstein):
1. Make sure that the photos you upload on Facebook, Twitter or your Blog etc. present your brand well and fit in your Corporate Identity

2. Post photos that other people want to share for example the last Coaching session you did. Maybe some of your Fans on your Facebook Fanpage took part. They recognise themselves in the photo and maybe tag themselves or other persons. This tag will be seen by their friends who on this way hear about your company

3. If you can benefit from a local appeal then show photos from how your company is interacting with local communities, organisations etc. For example if you have a team meeting at the local coffee shop, make a photo and post it on your wall or Twitter stream

4. Post photos consistently to keep you fans coming back and to keep you in their mind

Any thoughts or more examples and tips? You are welcome to comment. Here are a few links to read more:
6 Tips to enhance your Facebook page with photosHow to use images successfully on online media sitesHow B2B Companies Can Use Video/Photos in Social Media



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